Ricardo Castro

Principal Engineer, SRE at FanDuel/Blip.pt. Working daily to build high-performance, reliable and scalable systems.

A strong believer in culture and teamwork. Open source passionate, taekwondo amateur, and metal lover.

DevOps Porto meetup co-organizer and DevOpsDays Portugal co-organizer.

Continuous Delivery Foundation Ambassador.

Embrace the Suck: A Lesson from CrossFit for Software Engineers

The world of CrossFit is renowned for its grueling workouts and the motto “embrace the suck.” This phrase encourages athletes to push through discomfort, pain, and fatigue to achieve remarkable results. While seemingly unrelated, this mentality holds surprisingly powerful lessons for software engineers. The CrossFit Mindset CrossFit isn’t just about physical fitness. It’s about mental toughness, resilience, and a willingness to face challenges head-on. The “suck” in CrossFit refers to those moments of extreme exertion, self-doubt, and the temptation to quit....

July 12, 2024

From White Belt to Black Belt: The Software Engineer's Guide to Leveling Up Through Persistence

The journey to a black belt in Taekwondo is long and arduous, filled with sweat, tears, and the occasional bruise. It took me over a decade of dedication and practice in Songham Taekwondo to achieve the rank of 2nd-degree black belt. But it was more than just a physical journey. It was a mental and emotional one, where I learned the true meaning of perseverance and the power of never giving up....

July 11, 2024

Why Treating Your Platform Like a Product is Key to Its Success (and Your Sanity)

Internal platforms have become very important for scaling software development, streamlining operations, and enabling innovation. But too often, these platforms fail to live up to their potential due to a fundamental misunderstanding of their true nature. I’ve said it multiple times and firmly believe that platforms should be treated as products. Not as technical solutions, not as side projects, but as products with customers, value propositions, and roadmaps. The Customer is (Almost) Always Right (Even When They’re Engineers) The most successful products are those that solve a real problem for their customers....

July 10, 2024

"Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity" Mantra: A Blueprint for Coding Excellence

CrossFit’s guiding principle, “Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity,” is more than just a fitness philosophy - it’s a blueprint for achieving mastery in any discipline, including coding. As someone who has immersed themselves in both worlds, I’ve discovered a striking parallel between the two. My CrossFit Journey: A Personal Anecdote My CrossFit journey began several years ago, fueled by a desire to push my physical limits. After a few months of intense training, life pulled me away, and I took a break....

July 9, 2024

How SLOs Can Transform Your Customer Experience and Bottom Line

Service Level Objectives (SLOs) have emerged as an essential tool for ensuring modern businesses' smooth and reliable operation. SLOs are defined as specific, measurable targets for the performance and reliability of a service. They are designed to help organizations understand and improve how well their services meet their users' needs. While often associated with technical services, SLOs are equally crucial for business services. This article explores why SLOs are vital for both and how they can be effectively implemented across an organization....

July 3, 2024